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Hi Moms, Dads & Caregivers!

I’m Andrea, wife of Greg Topalian, the founder of Play Fair New York. Last year I took our three kids to daddy’s new show and they had a blast!

Our son is the biggest fan of toys, comics and TV/Movie characters so he had the most fun. The girls enjoyed it too but they were 11 & 13 so it wasn’t as amazing for them as it was for their little brother.

After visiting the show, I think 10 and under is the ideal age for the show BUT the kid inside us can enjoy the show at any age!

We are so excited about the 2nd annual event and can’t wait for you to experience it! The team took all the feedback from the first show and made it BIGGER and EVEN BETTER!

It’s important to me that you have a great time (makes my hubby happy) so I’ve come up with some TIPS to make this event a successful amazing experience for your family!


You have FOUR hours inside so ARRIVE EARLY! Be inside ready to go at your start time. Keep in mind you have to go through security so early arrival is key to timely entry.

Hours are 10am -2pm for MORNING session and 3pm to 7pm for EVENING session.

VIP pass holders- your exclusive access hour is the ONE HOUR before your session starts. Don’t miss it!


Purchase your tickets ONLINE here. It’s CHEAPER and probably FASTER plus the show could sell out and it’s not fun to show up and get turned away with kids crying.

It will also be fast, just show your online ticket and you will get a bracelet and go in the show! Easy! Yes, there will be a line but it should move fast.


This is New York City people, lots of parking garages but know before you go! The Javitz does NOT have it’s own public parking garage!


There is so much to see and do! You don’t want to miss your kids favorite toys or characters!

Keep in mind; there are DIFFERENT SPECIAL EVENTS & PHOTO OPS during each session!

Get the kids involved in planning their visit. It will help manage their expectations and limit disappointments (aka meltdowns).

Click here for a list of special events for each ticket time.

Download the Play Fair App Here


No worries, the show is spread out in a big space this year so it should not feel crowded (except in some popular booths).

Waiting in line to get in, it might feel like it BUT once you get inside the crowd will disperse. No guarantees of course but we are twice the size of last year so I’m personally not worried about crowds. If you don’t want to wait in line to get in then just arrive a little late.


It’s a big event and there might be LINES for some POPULAR EXHIBITS and PHOTO OPS. Good news is that this is our second year so exhibitors know what to expect and will be well prepared. Lines should not be bad but, like any popular event, there will be some.

Plan ahead with snacks for babies and toddlers as well as a few small items to distract them in their stroller. Come up with games you can play like “count how many XYZ you see walking by”. They could bring a notepad and start their holiday wish list with things they have seen.


We know what it’s like and are prepared with a NURSING ROOM located in 1C04 of the Javits.


There ARE diaper changing stations in the bathrooms.


To be honest, it can be a little overwhelming for some kids to be around all the people and activity at an indoor venue. I know it is for our kids.

We have set aside a QUIET ROOM for sensitive kids (and parents) that need a break from the noise and people. The quiet room is located  in 1C05 of the Javits.


Strollers are welcome at the show but (like at any event) they can make maneuvering around people and objects a challenge at times.

We do have a STROLLER CHECK & COAT CHECK if you don’t want to walk around the show with them.

Keep in mind for SAFETY, strollers and bags will be checked by security. The less you have, the faster it will be to get in.


Your safety is our priority! We have taken great measure to protect our guests. Please direct any specific questions to show management.


The main food court WILL BE OPEN.

Last year we were in a smaller hall without a food court so the line for the one food cart was long. The food is sold by The Javitz Center so we do not control pricing, food options or length of lines.

YOU CAN BRING YOUR OWN FOOD & WATER if you want to maximize your time on the show floor.

Of course you can always send one parent to get the food from the food court while the other keeps the kids busy at the show. We will have tables for you to sit at and eat or rest.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful experience at Play Fair New York!

Your satisfaction is our priority so please find a staff member if you have any concerns while at the event.

Play Fair Mom,
Andrea Topalian

Please direct any other questions you have to show management via our Facebook page as our social media manager will be online most of the time to answer your questions.